5 Quick & Easy Games - Set #1

Mindful Kits 5 Quick and Easy Games
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This is the perfect solution for game night at any large group function!

Whats in the box?

  • Balloon Pack x 100
  • Craft Sticks x 100
  • Craft Straws x 50
  • Large Clear Cups x 50
  • Pencil Pack
  • Rubber Band Pack
  • Stacking Cubes x 20

Includes everything you need for 5 Quick and Easy Competition Games.

Game 1 - Stacked High (The first player to stack 6 cubes on their tongue depressor wins!)

Game 2 - Pencil Bounce (The first player to bounce all 4 pencils into their cups wins!)

Game 3 - Hot Air Balloon (The first player to blow all their cups off the table wins!)

Game 4 - Straw Toss (The first player to toss a straw in every cup wins!)

Game 5 - Knock Em' Down (The first player to blow all their cups down with rubber bands wins!)


Each game is designed to have two competitors. You can play them all at the same time (at different tables).

These games can be played over and over during the event.

This works great if you give out prizes to the winner! Perfect for young and old!


Very popular for Trunk-or-Treat, Children Events, Family Reunions, Youth Groups, Church Game Night and more!

Enjoy your event and let us put together the supplies for you!


Warning! Choking Hazard Small Parts and Balloons
Not Intended for Children under 3! Adult Supervision Required.




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